Bulk ID Identification

Upload ID card pictures, the system automatically identifies ID card details, such as name, gender, ID number, etc.

please upload id card (jpg, jpeg, png, bmp)

File upload method:

1. Click the upload button above, select the file and confirm.

2. Drag the file to the dotted window.

3. Use the screenshot software screenshot to return to this page Ctrl V paste.

Operation Status Picture Name Gender Nation") Born Address Citizenship Number Issuing authority Effective Date Due date
Retry Please click the "Start Processing" button in the lower right corner.

Instructions for use

1. The ID card must be forward (if tilted or inverted, it will not be recognized). 2. If you need to identify the front and back of the ID card at the same time, you need to splice the front and back of the ID card into a picture, the front is on the top and the back is on the bottom. 3. The tool "Online Batch Splicing Pictures" can be used to splice the front and back of the ID card. For specific requirements, please refer to the sample ID card below.

Sample ID card

Sample ID card

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